Food and Drink Packages


Regular menu always available to order.

Dome Food & Drink Packages Available for Pre-order 48 Hours in Advance


Fox River Favorites

An array of our signature appetizers, including Original Crunch Tenders, Hot Crunch Tenders, WI Cheese Curds, BBQ Meatballs, Homemade Chips & dipping sauces.



A tower of five of our 10 inch traditional pizzas - Margherita, J’s Fav, 4 Meatlovers, BBQ Smoked Chicken, & Thai Chicken. 


BBQ Chicken Sliders

Sixteen Memphis BBQ Chicken sliders with baskets of fries and dipping sauces


Fiesta Platter

Baskets of chips ready to dip in our Taco dip, fresh made salsa, guacamole, and Chili Con Queso Sauce


Dessert Extravaganza

Indulge everyone’s sweet tooth with a delicious array of our Italian imported desserts. Let us select eight of our favorites or choose eight yourself upon arrival.


River Dome S’mores

A campfire in a dome! Hershey’s Chocolate Bars, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Marshmallows & Graham Crackers, sternos and sticks for roasting. 



You say Tomato, I say Bloody Mary

Eight 16oz. mason jars with 2 shots of Absolut. Bottle of Zing Zang Bloody Mary mix and garnish tray including Beef sticks, celery, cheese cubes, mushrooms, olives, and pickles.


Tropical Vacation

Eight different tropical drinks served in Casamigos souvenir cups.

  • Breezy Banana – Crème de Banana, Malibu Mango, orange juice
  • Watermelon Bayou – Watermelon ole Smokey, Watermelon Red Bull, press
  • Grandma’s Suitcase – Pear Elderflower Absolut, Sierra Mist, lemonade
  • Mile High Club – Sky Mango, Frose mix, lime juice, press
  • Banana Boat – Crème de Banana, Rum Haven, pineapple juice
  • Tropical Vacation Margarita – Casamigos, Tropical Red Bull, triple sec, pineapple juice, seltzer
  • Casamigos Sunrise – Casamigos, orange juice, grenadine
  • Trouble in Paradise - Peach Schnapps, Rum Haven, Tropical Red Bull, Frose mix


But First Mimosas

Bottle of Wycliff and carafes of Apple Cider, Orange Juice, and Pineapple Juice served with fresh pineapple and strawberries.


Mocktail Punch

Three pitchers of Sangria Punch, Rose Lemon Spritzer and Prickly Pear Punch (all non-alcoholic) 


Taste of Taps

Fourteen 5oz. glasses filled with current FRBC beers on tap




Two Pre-Made Pitchers of your favorite Old Fashioneds.
Choose from Cask & Crew Orange Old Fashioned, Crown Apple Old Fashioned


Taste of Taps

Four carafes of wine (3oz.each). Three options to choose from
$18 per person

White Wine Flight

Ruffino, Lumina Pinot Grigio
Dark Harvest, Chardonnay
La Fiera, Moscato
Yealands, Sauvignon Blanc

Red Wine Flight

Drumheller, Merlot
Dark Harvest, Cabernet Sauvignon
De Loach, Pinot Noir
Lyeth, Red Blend

Fox River Flight

Ruffino, Lumina Pinot Grigio
Dark Harvest, Chardonnay
De Loach, Pinot Noir
Dark Harvest, Cabernet Sauvignon


Each River Dome experience includes a private dome for up to 8 guests for 90 minutes. There is no rental fee but there are food & beverage minimums based on reservation. 

  • No Smoking
  • No Pets
  • No Outside Carry-in Food or Beverage
  • Must be 21 to Order and Consume Alcoholic Beverages
  • Do not move Heater

River Dome Food & Beverage Minimums

Lunches $50 Food & Beverage Minimum - no minimums for walk-ins if Domes are available.
Dinner Sunday - Thursday $100 Food & Beverage Minimum
Dinner Friday & Saturday $200 Food & Beverage Minimum
* holidays may be excluded. See restaurant for details.

Regular menu available in addition to Dome food and beverage packages.


How many can fit in a dome?

Each dome fits up to 8 guests, and we have a variety of seating layouts that include benches, chairs, and cocktail tables perfect for our food & beverage packages. A dining table can be added with prior arrangement.

How do I make a reservation?

Please use our online booking system below.

How long does a dome rental last?

Domes are reserved for 90 minutes. Please arrive at the restaurant 10-15 minutes before your reservation so we can seat the group together to keep the domes warmer and maximize your experience. We recommend using the restrooms before going into your Dome. Late arrivals for reservations will not extend the time of the original reservation. Our staff cleans and sanitizes between all parties.

What are the Food & Beverage minimums?

Each Dome has a food & beverage minimum regardless of party size. Smaller groups do not pay less, you just get to eat and drink more. We encourage all food & beverage orders to be placed when making your reservation so that everything is in place when you and your guests arrive and you can maximize your experience.

Food and Beverage Minimums

Lunches $50 Food & Beverage Minimum - no minimums for walk-ins if Domes are
Dinner Sunday - Thursday $100 Food & Beverage Minimum
Dinner Friday & Saturday $200 Food & Beverage Minimum
* holidays may be excluded. See restaurant for details.

What if the weather is really bad?

If our management team deems the weather is too dangerous for guests and staff due to extreme cold, ice, or snow conditions, we may need to cancel your reservation. We will notify you via email or cell phone to give you an option to reschedule. We will try to give you as much advance notice as possible but reserve the right to cancel without notice to ensure our staff and guests’ safety. Any reservation canceled by the restaurant will not be charged any cancellation fees.

Will I be warm enough?

The domes have heaters but this is Wisconsin and the domes are outside. Please dress warmly in jackets, hats, and gloves, and feel free to BYOB (bring your own blanket). We ask you to please not move the heater. You may be liable for damage to the dome shell if furniture or heaters are rearranged in a manner causing damage. There are also small windows if the dome needs ventilation or if your party gets too warm. If you need something moved or adjusted please ask your Dome Host.

What if the dome gets damaged?

The domes are designed to withstand 30+mph winds and 90 lbs of snow. Therefore, they have a strong structure, however, they are made of lightweight materials that can be damaged, punctured, and melted. We ask you to be careful moving in and out of the domes and while you are in the domes. Domes will be inspected during cleaning after each reservation and a fee may be charged if there is damage.

What about music?

Domes are equipped with a wireless speaker available for guest use. Currently, the domes are spaced far enough apart that you are welcome to play your own music as long as it does not interfere with another dome’s experience.

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