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No Wake Light Lager

Brewed in the style of an American Light Lager this beer is made with 100% Wisconsin malted Briess Brewers Malt. It comes in under 100 calories, and at 4.2% ABV.


4.2 % abv  |  6 IBUs  |  2.2° Lovibond


A golden ale mixed with blueberry juice concentrate and natural extract.  The result is a light fruity ale with an enticing aroma and flavor of fresh blueberries.  Slightly sweet and highly drinkable, pours with a slight bluish stained color and dense white head.  Garnished with a fork full of fresh blueberries on draught.


4.5 % abv  |  10 IBUs  |  2.8° Lovibond


A crisp ale, amber in color with a fresh raspberry aroma. Session style ale with a light raspberry finish.



5.8% abv | 6.4 IBUs

3-4 lovibond

White Bobber Pineapple Ale

This beer features a heavy wheat base with a hearty addition of oat for a full bodied feel. On the hop side we use a late and dry hop addition of Sultana to get a nice pineapple character. On top of the hops we add a natural pineapple extract along with all natural pineapple juice to get a nice fruity refreshing beer that borders on the line of pale ale




4.5 % abv  |  16.4 IBUs  |  3.1° Lovibond


A malt forward ale with a deep amber color. Specialties malts deliver flavors of caramel, toffee, toasted, and a touch of chocolate and roast. Hop levels are low with a faint bitterness and mild floral aroma. Medium to medium-full bodied.


6.2 % abv  |  17 IBUs  |  18° Lovibond


Hops are here to stay.  Sometimes the higher alcohol levels in a Classic IPA can get in the way of enjoying hops all night long though.  With our Reel It In – Session IPA we have the bold character of hops shining from the aroma through the finish.  Light golden colored with a slight haze and a fluffy white foam. Bright citrus hop aromas invite into a medium-light bodied ale balanced with a crisp hop flavor.


5 % abv  |  36 IBUs  |  10° Lovibond


Vixen’s Vanilla Cinnamon Stout

Brewed to be a hearty, but approachable dessert stout this beer features a large addition of dark malts to bring a big chocolate flavor to the table. To this we added a healthy addition of biscuit malt (for graham cracker flavor), and a hearty addition of oats for body and creaminess. On the hop side we kept things restrained. 


5.6% abv  | 17.9 IBUs  |  33° Lovibond

3-4 lovibond

Nectaron the Mighty Hazy

Brewed with an up and comer from New Zealand, Nectaron, this beer screams citrus. To this we added the classic citrus and mango character of citra to make a mighty pillowy citrus bomb.


4.6% abv  |  30  IBUs  |  4.7° Lovibond


5-6 lovibond

NZ Double IPA

Brewed in the West Coast style of a nice bitter backbone with a warming high alcohol level. Motutere is the star of the show bringing notes of pine and stone fruit, which is backed by Orange and Nectarine notes from the Kohatu.



9.1% abv  |  40  IBUs  |  5° Lovibond


3-4 lovibond

Peach, Dude.

A German style hefeweizen, with a southern twist. We used malt produced in Asheville, NC by Riverbend Malthouse. We let it rest on peaches to develop a unique fruit flavor to pair with the banana produced by the yeast. Just a pinch of Pecanwood smoked wheat malt and a healthy dose of munich malt provide this beer something a little different to the midwest taste buds.


5.1% abv  | 14.1 IBUs  |  4.7° Lovibond

3-4 lovibond

Black Fox 2022

This is a Russian Imperial stout that is big and bold with flavors of burnt sugar, coffee, and dark chocolate before the barrel. We aged it for 6 months in a freshly dumped bourbon barrel, and with the addition of some whole vanilla beans.


10.5% abv  | 34.2 IBUs  |  54.8 Lovibond

7-10 lovibond

Big Ed’s Honey Bock

Brewed with 40# of fresh hops picked at Big Ed’s hopyard in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The hops we picked included CTZ, Chinook, Centennial, Cascade, and Willamette. The Proximity Pilsen provides a clean base to let the American Honey malt and Munich malt pop. This leads to a sweet, bready, and malty beer that makes you want to drink more. The wet hops provide a pleasant aroma that invite you to take a drink and then another drink. To top that off we used locally sourced honey from Ripon, WI to help make this lager crispy.


5.4% abv  |  NA IBUs  |  10.3° Lovibond


Totes Ma Goats Doppelbock V2

Brewed to taste like a classic German Bock with American Craft malt this beer pours malty and smooth, hiding it’s higher abv. This interpretation of a doppelbock sits at the lighter side of the style at only 7.3% abv and drinks with the same ease as a regular bock thanks to a hearty addition of pilsner malt alongside the munich. To this we added Briess’s American honey malt to add a little honey like sweetness and depth to the malt character. We boiled this beer for two hours, much longer than normal, to achieve the deep amber color and add some maillard flavors. Finally we used a hearty helping of Contessa, an American noble esque hop, in the boil and dry hop to add a floral and noble aroma to balance the finish.


7.3 % abv  |  25  IBUs  | 17.8° Lovibond


Zero Fox Given White Russian Imperial Stout

This is a Russian Imperial stout that is big and bold with flavors of burnt sugar, coffee, and dark chocolate. We added 10lbs of fresh roasted Mexican Santa Teresa Coffee from Uncommon Ground to amp up the coffee aroma and flavors of the malts. Finally we added some white Russian flavoring.  


7.6 % abv  |  34.2 IBUs  |  54.8° Lovibond


Holiday Spice Quad - taproom exclusive



na % abv  |  na IBUs  |  na° Lovibond

It’s a hand crafted life.

At Fox River Brewing Company we believe in living life with intent. We understand the importance of creating a hand crafted lifestyle and we take that philosophy and incorporate in both our kitchen and our brewery.