No Wake Light Lager

Brewed in the style of an American Light Lager this beer is made with 100% Wisconsin malted Briess Brewers Malt. It comes in under 100 calories, and at 4.2% ABV.  $6 pint | $7.50 20oz | $15 Growler


4.2 % abv  |  6 IBUs  |  2.2° Lovibond


A golden ale mixed with blueberry juice concentrate and natural extract.  The result is a light fruity ale with an enticing aroma and flavor of fresh blueberries.  Slightly sweet and highly drinkable, pours with a slight bluish stained color and dense white head.  Garnished with a fork full of fresh blueberries on draught. $6 pint | $7.50 20oz. | $15 Growler


5 % abv  |  10 IBUs  |  2.8° Lovibond

RED BOBBER raspberry ale

A crisp ale, amber in color with a fresh raspberry aroma. Session style ale with a light raspberry finish. $6 pint | $7.50 20oz. | $15 Growler



5.8% abv | 6.4 IBUs

3-4 lovibond

White Bobber Pineapple Ale

This beer features a heavy wheat base with a hearty addition of oat for a full bodied feel. On the hop side we use a late and dry hop addition of Sultana to get a nice pineapple character. On top of the hops we add a natural pineapple extract along with all natural pineapple juice to get a nice fruity refreshing beer that borders on the line of pale ale. $6 pint | $7.50 20oz. | $15 Growler



4.5 % abv  |  16.4 IBUs  |  3.1° Lovibond

7-10 lovibond

freaky Tiki ™

Brewed with hops inspired by a Pina Colada drink. Bru-1 hops present a fresh pineapple character in the aroma and flavor. Sabro Incognito and Talus hops come in on the back end with a subtle coconut, citrus flavor. This beer pours a nice, light colored haze reminiscent of pineapple juice. No fruit was used in this beer, but with the vanilla and lactose addition it has a nice creamy, sweet, fruit flavor. This beer should help you get a little Friki Tiki this summer. $6 pint | $7.50 20oz | $15 Growler


5.8% abv  |  27 IBUs  | 3.8° Lovibond


A malt forward ale with a deep amber color. Specialties malts deliver flavors of caramel, toffee, toasted, and a touch of chocolate and roast. Hop levels are low with a faint bitterness and mild floral aroma. Medium to medium-full bodied. $6 pint | $7.50 20oz. | $15 Growler


6.2 % abv  |  17 IBUs  |  18° Lovibond

5-6 lovibond

Dankness retreat ipa

Brewed to be the only thing you drink while you are secluded in the dark contemplating your future. This is a traditional West Coast IPA that hits you with a dank and piney aroma from the columbus and centennial hops. The Comet backs these up with a slight citrus note. $7 pint | $7.50 20oz. | $17 Growler


6.8 % abv  |  55 IBUs  |  5.5° Lovibond



Our robust porter pours a deep mahogany, just shy of black, with a creamy tan head. Generous amounts of chocolate malts provide the robust dry flavor of roasted malt, while a supporting cast of flavorful specialty malts add layers of complexity to this medium full bodied ale. Hop aroma is negligible while hop bitterness and flavor play a complementary role, bringing balance to this highly flavorful beer. $6 pint | $7.50 20oz. | $15 Growler


5.8% abv  |  30 IBUs  | 38.9° Lovibond

1-2 lovibond

blu shandy

Blu shandy is a perfect pairing of our ture blu flavor with a crisp citrusy ht of lemon. A Refreshing session-style wheat beer. $6 pint | $7.50 20oz. | $15 Growler



4.5% abv  |  6.4 IBUs  | 2.8° Lovibond

5-6 lovibond

Hop Chef Hazy USDA Choice

This hazy features two newer hops from the USDA’s hop breeding program. Together they deliver flavors of citrus, stone fruit, and berries. $7 pint | $7.50 20oz. | $17 Growler


6.6 % abv  | 40 IBUs  |  5° Lovibond

3-4 lovibond

Overshare Lager

This style is the pilsner’s less bitter cousin. Brewed to be crushable and flavorful this beer leans heavy into its high quality Pilsen base malt with flavors of hay, barely, crackers,  and what can only be classically described as beer. On the hop side we used an American Super Saaz hop to bring the noble character. $6 pint | $7.50 20oz | $15 Growler


6.4% abv  |  25 IBUs | 4.7° Lovibond

3-4 lovibond

winnebago wheat hefeweizen

A German style hefeweizen, (unfiltered wheat beer.)  Hop levels are very low, and malt flavors are primarily from wheat.  The yeast produces a characteristic banana and clove flavors.  Very light and refreshing, garnished with a lemon wedge. $6 pint | $7.50 20oz | $15 Growler


5.5 % abv  | 19.6 IBUs  |  4° Lovibond


Port Barrel Triple Bock

Brewed to taste like a ramped up version of a doppelbock this beer features a hearty helping of German malts. The specialty and crystal malts lend flavors of toffee, burnt sugar, and dark stone fruit. This is backed by the toasty bready notes of the base munich malt.  This version was aged in a port barrel . $7 snifter



10.5 % abv  |  18.9 IBUs | 20° Lovibond