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A crisp ale, amber in color with a fresh raspberry aroma. Session style ale with a light raspberry finish.



5.8% abv | 6.4 IBUs



Brewed to follow the current trend in healthy lifestyle drinks we have our very own offering in the seltzer world. White Bobber is based off of the flavors of Door County and features a  blend of cherry and apple. Unlike many of the seltzers on the market ours is made with a blend of corn sugar and malt, instead of just corn sugar, giving it a more rounded flavor and smoothing out its edges. With this more complex base we had no need to add sugar back to our seltzer, so it has 1g of sugar per 12oz serving as a finished product



5 % abv  |  0 IBUs  |  0° Lovibond



A golden ale mixed with blueberry juice concentrate and natural extract.  The result is a light fruity ale with an enticing aroma and flavor of fresh blueberries.  Slightly sweet and highly drinkable, pours with a slight bluish stained color and dense white head.  Garnished with a fork full of fresh blueberries on draught.


5 % abv  |  10 IBUs  |  2.8° Lovibond



An Unfiltered Blonde Ale, golden straw in color with a slight haze and a fluffy white head of foam. A crisp, session ale balanced for accessible flavor and drinkability. Light malt flavor with a gentle American hop aroma.


4.75 % abv  |  13 IBUs  |  2.2° Lovibond 


Hops are here to stay.  Sometimes the higher alcohol levels in a Classic IPA can get in the way of enjoying hops all night long though.  With our Reel It In – Session IPA we have the bold character of hops shining from the aroma through the finish.  Light golden colored with a slight haze and a fluffy white foam. Bright citrus hop aromas invite into a medium-light bodied ale balanced with a crisp hop flavor.


5 % abv  |  36 IBUs  |  10° Lovibond 


A malt forward ale with a deep amber color. Specialties malts deliver flavors of caramel, toffee, toasted, and a touch of chocolate and roast. Hop levels are low with a faint bitterness and mild floral aroma. Medium to
medium-full bodied.


6.2 % abv  |  17 IBUs  |  18° Lovibond

Virtual Learning Assistant Hazy

This hazy ipa draws its name from its creator, assistant brew Matt Berger. Matt has two daughters at home, and at the beginning of this school year he, like many parents, took on the role of substitute teacher to help his kids with their virtual learning. As any good teacher will tell you its nice to have an “assistant”, in this case for after the lessons are done, to help smooth out the day. This beer pours with a light haze and medium body with a strong citrus character that leans towards orange, and fades to a refreshing bitterness at the end from the heaps of mosaic and amarillo hops ry.


6.7 % abv  |  30 IBUs  |  4.8° Lovibond

Coming Soon

Oops, we have an open tap line, but we are filling it soon with a fresh brewed beer from Fox River Brewery


0.0 % abv  |  0 IBUs  |  0.0° Lovibond

Dickens Ale

This English style beer is the definition of a pub beer. Traditionally it would have been served with a hand pump from a cask at cellar temp. We serve ours on nitro to emulate this effect. Our version features a high quality pale ale malt from Proximity malts along with mild malt, pale chocolate, and dark caramel malt. This leans it heavily into the malty realm with a toasty character complemented by a light nutty and toffee note. This heavy malt character is balanced by strong floral and earthy hop character from the East Kent Goldings  

5.8 % abv  | 35.5 IBUs  |  12° Lovibond


Wookie Rye Roggenbier

Roggenbier is an old German style of beer similar to the hefeweizen that uses rye instead of wheat. This beer boasts 60% of its total malts as rye, which lends a strong spicey character to the beer. The low abv of 4% makes this an easy drinking full flavored beer that is perfect for the last months of winter


4% abv  |  17.3 IBUs  | 14.5° Lovibond


Spiced beers are a tradition for the holiday season.  Our holiday spiced beer is Vixen’s Vanilla Cream Ale.  This deep golden ale is spiced with premium vanilla from Madagascar, fresh Celyon (mild) and Korintje (traditional) cinnamon, and sweet orange peel.  The resulting beer has a slightly fruity, sweet cookie-like nose.  The flavor is mostly vanilla, but is balanced by subtle spice of the cinnamon and finishes with the crispness of the orange peel.  These spices were added to the kettle during the brewing process and also in the aging tank for increased depth of flavor.  Malt character is slight, while hop flavor and bitterness are close to absent.  Matching the spice is a little holiday cheer, as this beer rings in at 5.9% abv.


5.9 % abv  |  8 IBUs  |  4.1° Lovibond

Woke Coffee Stout

This stout features an avalanche of smooth roast and coffee notes. On the malt side we went with a massive proportion of dark malt that we added as a cold steep, think cold brew coffee, to give it a roast character without any harsh bitterness. On top of this we added 10#s of coffee that was locally roasted at Bare Bones brewery



5.6% abv  |  15 IBUs 30° Lovibond

Feral Fox

Booze and malt, enough said……….. Barley wine is a style of beer that is truly magical in that it is simple in design, but complex in execution. Feral Fox is brewed in the English style using 100% English barley and English yeast. The dominant ingredient is Marris Otter, which lends a toasty malty backbone to back up the high abv. On top of that we layered light and dark English caramel malts to add some depth. Expect this beer to have deep amber almost brown color and to be deceptively easy drinking. 



9.5 % abv  |  44 IBUs  | 15.5 ° Lovibond

It’s a hand crafted life.

At Fox River Brewing Company we believe in living life with intent. We understand the importance of creating a hand crafted lifestyle and we take that philosophy and incorporate in both our kitchen and our brewery.