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RED BOBBER raspberry ale

A crisp ale, amber in color with a fresh raspberry aroma. Session style ale with a light raspberry finish.



5.8% abv | 6.4 IBUs

3-4 lovibond

White Bobber Pineapple Ale

This beer features a heavy wheat base with a hearty addition of oat for a full bodied feel. On the hop side we use a late and dry hop addition of Sultana to get a nice pineapple character. On top of the hops we add a natural pineapple extract along with all natural pineapple juice to get a nice fruity refreshing beer that borders on the line of pale ale



4.5 % abv  |  16.4 IBUs  |  3.1° Lovibond


A golden ale mixed with blueberry juice concentrate and natural extract.  The result is a light fruity ale with an enticing aroma and flavor of fresh blueberries.  Slightly sweet and highly drinkable, pours with a slight bluish stained color and dense white head.  Garnished with a fork full of fresh blueberries on draught.


5 % abv  |  10 IBUs  |  2.8° Lovibond


Fox Light

Brewed to be a light easy drinking blonde ale in the vein of commercial light lagers this beer is crisp and smooth. It features briess synergy pilsner malt and is fermented on the cold side, for an ale, to deliver a mild malt character with some notes of grain and hay. This is complemented by honey and biscuit flavors from the American Honey malt. 


4.5 % abv  |  9.6 IBUs  |  2.9° Lovibond


Hops are here to stay.  Sometimes the higher alcohol levels in a Classic IPA can get in the way of enjoying hops all night long though.  With our Reel It In – Session IPA we have the bold character of hops shining from the aroma through the finish.  Light golden colored with a slight haze and a fluffy white foam. Bright citrus hop aromas invite into a medium-light bodied ale balanced with a crisp hop flavor.


5 % abv  |  36 IBUs  |  10° Lovibond 


A malt forward ale with a deep amber color. Specialties malts deliver flavors of caramel, toffee, toasted, and a touch of chocolate and roast. Hop levels are low with a faint bitterness and mild floral aroma. Medium to
medium-full bodied.


6.2 % abv  |  17 IBUs  |  18° Lovibond

3-4 lovibond

Belma and Louise Kolsch

Brewed to be crisp, slightly sweet and malty, and crushable in the summer heat this 5% yellow ale is just that. This traditional lager like German style ale features a simple malt build of crackery sweet pilsen malt backed up by just a hint of wheat. On the hop side the hefty addition of Belma finishes with a refreshing bitter bite and mild fruitiness, bringing you back for more.


5.1 % abv  |  19.6 IBUs  |  3.3° Lovibond

3-4 lovibond

Winnebago Wheat

A German style hefeweizen, (unfiltered wheat beer.)  Hop levels are very low, and malt flavors are primarily from wheat.  The yeast produces a characteristic banana and clove flavors.  Very light and refreshing, garnished with a lemon wedge.


5.7 % abv  |  19.6 IBUs  |  4° Lovibond


Belgian Dark Quad

Belgian style dark quad with a deep amber hue. Belgian yeast gives this beer hints of banana and spice in the aroma. Caramunich malt and dark candi syrup lend hints of caramel and molasses which is given depth by the dark stone fruit notes from the special b. Finally the sweetness of the specialty malts is balanced out by the asskicking


9.2% abv  | 25.4 IBUs  |  16.3 Lovibond

5-6 lovibond

I Dip, You Dip, We Dip Juicy IPA

Brewed as a collaboration with 608 brewing company this juicy ipa hits hard and fast with the hops. We utilized a Japanese dr hopping process called DIP hopping to get as much depth as possible from the hops. Between the strata, cashmere, and el dorado the hops bring a big combo of tropical fruit and citrus, with just a hint of berry notes.


9.1% abv  |  30 IBUs  | 5.7° Lovibond

3-4 lovibond

Crowned Vic IPA

This IPA features Vic Secret Hops from Australia along with Sultana. This brings a slightly piney, dank, and tropical finish to this easy drinking IPA.


5.8% abv  |  9 IBUs  | 3.8° Lovibond


Sommer Bock

Sommer is summer in German, and this rich bock was brewed to be your malty choice when its hot. On the malt side it features pilsen and munich for its base to give it a toasty grainy backbone, with the brown malt adding a rich depth to the toast. On the hop side we used a new experimental varietal that is said to add notes of bourbon barrel and vanilla.


5% abv  |  21.2 IBUs | 13.7° Lovibond

11-12 lovibond

Simply Excessive Barleywine

This robust, rich, malty beer is simple in its ingredients, but excessive in process. We boiled down and caramelized the first 30 gallons of runoff, transforming bready/toasty malt flavors into rich, nutty toffee flavors. The result is a smooth, sweet, lightly fruity beer, balanced with a woody dash of Nugget Hops.


12.2% abv  |  40 IBUs  | 12° Lovibond

It’s a hand crafted life.

At Fox River Brewing Company we believe in living life with intent. We understand the importance of creating a hand crafted lifestyle and we take that philosophy and incorporate in both our kitchen and our brewery.